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Lord of the Rings illustrated by Frank Frazetta in 1975


Paintbrushes, move over. There’s a cooler way to paint in town. Enter water transfer printing, a hydro-coating process that essentially uses liquid images and ink to coat 3-D objects of any material. If only this sorcery could be used for our nails… new venture?




A gallery of ceramic sculpture. It’s rare to feel as if an animal can possess you — inhabit your body, mind and spirit as if it were a new lover exploring all your real and artificial selves. Dress your dogs and cats with as many sweater vests, booties and hats as you want; they’ll never come close to the hybrid human qualities that seductively inhabit the work of Beth Cavener Stichter. This might be, in part, because she views her stone sculptures as portraits — of people she has met briefly  in passing or good friends or family. She doubles the uncanny moment by acknowledging that these creatures are self-portraits as well,  since the very act of interpreting another’s actions, facial expressions, and intentions says — and betrays — much more about our own fears and desires than the other person. We rarely acknowledge or intellectually wrestle with this flash-fiction judgment that we impose onto friends and strangers alike.

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After Barilla’s Chairman stated "I would not do a commercial with a homosexual family" other pasta companies have come forward to state their support of same sex unions.


Oh god, this has just gotten so marvelously out of hand.


American artist Stacey Lee Webber does awesome things with coins. For The Craftsmen Series and The Craftsmen Series: Silver Collection she has used American coins to create some of the most beautiful hand tools we’ve ever seen.

Photos by Joseph Leroux

Visit designboom and Free York to view more examples of Stacey Lee Webber’s amazing coin sculptures.


This adorable kitten is named Maxwell. He was recently adopted by Portland, OR-based writer Adam Ellis, author of The Blunder Years. You may have noticed that Maxwell only has three legs, but whatever he lacks in limb count, he more than makes up for with his awesome ability to rock tiny paper hats.

Adam explained the genesis of this singular feline fashion trend over on his blog:
"I’ve been making tiny hats for him out of construction paper, because I don’t know what else to do with all this damn construction paper. So yeah, I’m not just a writer and illustrator, I’m also a friggin’ milliner. Are you jealous of my skills? Are you impressed I know the word milliner? I thought so."

Follow Adam Ellis on Instagram to keep up with Maxwell and his fabulous paper hats.

[via Kotaku and Fashionably Geek]